What Are Technical Packs?

Technical Packs are in the name, they illustrate all the technicals in a product from sizing to design measurements. They are all about making the manufacturing process more streamlined and more importantly, creating the products that your brand is looking for. Expressing the specifications required in words sometimes just isn’t enough to get the point across. By having a detailed sketch of each of your products in one portfolio provides an understanding of the components required. The fit & the size of each design on your product is vital to achieve the correct proportions, so we incorporate measurements for each when requested to do so.


How Do Technical Packs Help Your Brand Grow?

Tech Packs are all about developing your brand. By investing into a design portfolio, illustrating all the details & specifications for every product that you are looking to take to market, it reduces time & costs in the long term. Many brands fail to prepare in design planning. Working to develop your designs is crucial in achieving the right product & as sampling takes time it is important to get it right first time.

Why Choose Maverick’s Fashion Team To Develop Technical Packs?

At Maverick we work efficiently but we take our time to ensure we pay close attention to the details. Our Design Team will work closely with you to make sure all requirements are noted & they are exactly what you’re looking for. Many fashion brand entrepreneurs are sceptical about investing their hard earned capital into design as they prefer to invest in product, however at Maverick we make sure our prices are affordable so you are investing your funds in what really matters, product.