What Is Fashion Design?

Through the eyes of the designer fashion designing is all about creating an aesthetic product. The process of design allows products to be created with different components & finishes to achieve the best possible options for each and every product. As trends and consumer attitudes are changing it is a fast method to introduce a garment to the market.


How Does Fashion Design Help Your Brand Grow?

Spotting trends & consumer attitudes can be a task in itself however with all the fashion brands out there today we are able to see what is being consumed in the fashion market and what can be improved for the purpose of differentiation. Fashion Design allows a fashion entrepreneur to add their style & flare to the product portfolio through trial & error of different components and colour ways. Lets take a situation between two brands. There are brands out there that are compared one for having the best fit and another for having style. Consumers like both brands however, if the fit & the style were brought together then a potential gap in the market is filled & this is where fashion design takes over. It allows for creativity & the play of certain designs to develop the best portfolio to take to market, enabling for a competitive edge over the rest.

Why Choose Maverick’s Fashion Team For Fashion Design?

Our Fashion Design Team have a vast amount of experience within the fashion industry. We are not just designers we are also consultants that will assist you in achieving the best possible designs for your design portfolio. Many design firms have extremely high charges for their work however at Maverick this is a different story. Our aim is to provide you with affordable, high quality sketches by working very closely as we want to be a part of your brand. As a fashion entrepreneur it can be tough in this current market with many brands trying different aspects for differentiation. Maverick’s Fashion Team can ensure that uniqueness is made a priority when it comes to designing but also not forgetting what is in demand.