What Is Cut & Sew Production?

Cut & Sew is a process which involves producing fashion based products through the methods of cutting & stitching fabrics to form the final piece. This process is most efficient & cost effective method to utilise when starting a clothing or fashion based brand as the higher the quantities the cheaper each piece becomes.


How Does Cut & Sew Production Help Your Brand Grow?

Cut & Sew Production is an integral part to your fashion brand as its the mystery behind your brand that should never be revealed. As mentioned previously, it is critical that the most cost efficient method is utilised regardless of the size of the budget set. Not only does this method of production allow for large quantities to be produced in a short space of time it also enables for bespoke products to be developed. Branding is vital and by being able to create products that are completely customised to the specifications required it allows for flexibility in design and therefore unique products to be created.

Why Choose Maverick’s Fashion Team To Manufacture Your Products?

Many manufacturers overseas create lots of problems for fashion brands that are either already established or looking to start up. Finding the right manufacturer is time consuming and costly. In our experience we have seen lots of brands sample with many different factories and some do turn out successful but some are a disaster. When sampling stages go right its a challenge that has been accomplished however, there are still problems that arise. Below is a list of problems that occur when manufacturing overseas when the correct research isn’t performed:

  • Transferring money overseas via Western Union or Money Gram requires trust with your manufacturer & if trust doesn’t exist then there is a possibility that goods will not be received & a refund will not take place.
  • Alibaba is a popular database for overseas suppliers & although its a great tool you have to be careful with the factories you are communicating with.
  • The sample process could have been successful however the quality may not reflect in the bulk order.
  • The first bulk order may be a success however future production orders may not be what is expected.
  • There may be an established relationship with a manufacturer however many factories end up going into solvency which really affects business proceedings.

Maverick Fashion has dedicated Cut & Sew Team’s across the world which allows us to offer various different products from clothing & footwear to handbags & belts. We have even produced yoga mats which shows our diversity but don’t let this sway you away from our attention to quality. We are the manufacturing solution for your fashion brand as we offer various different product types that allow you to expand your portfolio.

Maverick Fashion has relations which allows for a huge range of flexibility when manufacturing. We are able to offer low MOQS to enable your brand to produce a wider range of products on a lower budget. Depending on the product type and the fabrics required we can offer MOQS as low as 30pcs. We are the solution to your manufacturing problems & even if you do not have any problems as of yet we as a team are able to provide you with solutions. Maverick Fashion is about streamlining manufacturing & providing quality products on time and within budget.